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This work was conducted as part of the Schools’ modernisation programme, aimed at Public Secondary Schools, and is defined by the assemblage of several steel structures and cladding, showing that our company is able to present versatile solutions.

Different types of roof were used, according to the needs of each space, and cover blocks E, F, G and H, as well as the recreation grounds which exist  between the different blocks and pitches. For the roofs, we used different types of cladding: metal sheets, double metal sheets intercalated with rock wool, hollowcore planks and deck type cladding. On a structural level, we built the pitch, block E’s technical floor, as well, as the passageways which connect the different blocks. Both mixed slabs and fence panel were applied.

Total weight:  230 tons

Steel structure and cladding
Carlos Prata - Gabinete de Arquitectura e Serviços
Camace - Serviços de Engenharia e Consultadoria

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