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Torre de Iluminação

O FELIZ Metalomecânica is a certified manufacturer of lighting columns and metallic towers.

We build octagonal or cylindrical lighting columns, with setting by burial or flange, and heights between 3 m and 12 m.

The columns created by O FELIZ are certified and are submitted to the corresponding quality control. The columns are built according to the standard EN 40 and they meet the requirements for CE marking.

We have a range of medium and large metallic towers for various uses: lighting of large areas, fixed or with up-down system, support for advertising, support for communication equipment, support for windmills, etc. for heights up to 50 m.

We also have a Technical Department capable of developing solutions for specific uses, outside of the usual solutions (tilting columns, columns for surveillance cameras, flag poles, lightning rods, support for photovoltaic panels, autonomous lighting columns with photovoltaic panels and batteries, etc.).


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