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Steel structure for air filter

This project consists of a tower that has a metallic structure as a base, made of pipes bolted to each other, and a central area made of panels created from cut and bent sheets with widths between 4 mm and 8 mm, in CORTEN steel. Inside, there is a latching structure in standardised profiles.

Glass Furnace

Steel structure for glass furnace

The work of O FELIZ Metalomecânica consisted in provided precision metallic structures to support a glass furnace, namely the structures Gas Flues, Support Structure, Melter-Refiner, Ports, Regenerators, Waist-Working End, Canal and Tin Bath Steelwork.

Welded steel construction

The project had three different manufacturing stages: the CM CORE (inner section, where the transformer is), the VAT and the outer equipment accessories. 

Douro Marina

Vila Nova de Gaia - Portugal
Steel structure and mixed slabs

Housing 300 boats of up to 20 m, the Douro Marina stands as the largest nautical port between Cascais and Galiza.

The constructed area of about 2000 m² is divided into 3 buildings with 2 stories each. For the stories, we used a mixed slab solution O FELIZ H60. 

Memory Silo

Braga - Portugal
Stainless steel structure

In order to mark the 40 years anniversary of the April revolution, sculptor Alberto Vieira has imagined a commemorative monument, including a tribute to Braga-born Salgado Zenha.

Casa Peixoto

Viana do Castelo - Portugal
Steel structure and cladding

Building project of the new 20000 m² company’s headquarters that sells building materials and bricolage (DIY).

The metallic structure was assembled and cladding was applied to the roof and to the southern and western façades.

Steel structure and roof cladding

Manufacturing and assemblage of the steel structure and the concrete sail cladding.

Steel structure, roof and wall cladding

This work was developed in two phases. The first one consisted of the faithful metalic replication of a building that has now been demolished.

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