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This work was developed in two phases. The first one consisted of the faithful metalic replication of a building that has now been demolished. The exterior covering is of corrugated galvanized steel sheets, which adds a shiny effect to the covering resulting in ‘an unexpected and unusual new topography, an accident in the relief of the elongated landscape’.

The second phase entailed the building of painting and sculpture workshops, the canteen, an access porch roof and the media room. These spaces are of an extremely complex nature, both on a structural level as well as on finishes.

The waterproofing of the canteen was secured by flat galvanized sheets. In the roof porch there is a large 110 m long concrete cantilever.

The roof is made of a double layer of mineral wool interpolated by asphaltic and acoustic membranes, and in its interior, the finishes are in perforated galvanised sheet which acoustically protects the building.

The roof and the façade represent a total area of approximately  8000 m².

Total weight: 350 tons

Steel structure, roof and wall cladding
Inês Lobo e João Maria Trindade
Adão da Fonseca, Engenheiros

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